Reap the benefits of brand exposure while planting the seeds of hope!

Join the Kiwanis of Little Havana in helping make an impact on thousands of children’s and families’ lives while receiving more than 475 million media impressions through your sponsorship of CARNAVAL MIAMI!

Carnaval Miami celebrates Miami being the melting pot of Latino culture, with music being the forefront of passion among Latinos, second to food. The celebration translates to the life-lasting impact of our education-based, sports, and arts projects that are offered to the underprivileged children and families in our community.

Today, we invite you to join as a corporate sponsor and take part of our festival and the

Carnaval Miami moments and experiences that serve a greater purpose!

Calle Ocho Music Festival

Carnaval on the Mile / Day 1

Carnaval on the Mile / Day 2

Cork & Fork

Carnaval Miami Live Gala

Carnaval Miami Soccer 5v5

Carnaval Miami Golf Tournament

Miss Carnaval Miami

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Summer Camp 2019 – Mau y Ricky

Back to School Project 2019

Basketball League 2019