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Calle Ocho

SW 12th to 27th Avenue

Time & Date
March 10, 2019
10am – 7pm

2019/03/11 10:00:00

This event is free to attend
Interested in VIP Access?

VIP Access

The Calle Ocho VIP Access pass grants you freebee transportation along 7th street, access to a reserved parking garage, three privileged areas with open bar and food, and one with champagne toast and a view. All attendees must be 21 and over.

      • Check-in between 10am and 2pm at Miami Dade College Interamerican Campus garage (parking spot included with your VIP Access ticket.)
      • Hop on and off freebee transportation along 7th street and enjoy direct access to Calle Ocho’s best attractions.
      • Close the celebration at the Calle Ocho Champagne Lounge on the rooftop of the garage where you started.
      • Participants must present a valid ID along with their digital or physical ticket in order to gain access to the parking garage.


20 Blocks and 12 Stages Of Music and Fun - Calle Ocho 2018

A marquee event of Carnaval Miami, Calle Ocho is the largest Hispanic festival in the nation. Stroll around 20 blocks of Little Havana filled with musical stages, international food, sampling sites, folkloric dances and entertainment for all holistic demographics: families, couples and friends. Calle Ocho has been the platform for the biggest musicians in the Hispanic market such as Pitbull, Niki Jam and Maluma who made their artistic debut at Calle Ocho. Don’t miss the next star!

Calle Ocho & 12th Ave.

Tu94.9 - Proud Sponsor of Carnaval Miami

11:30 pm Tu Artista Revelacion
11:50 pm Malu Trevejo
12:10 pm Victor Drija
12:30 pm Diana Fuentes
1:05 pm   Andy Pita
1:20 pm   Sitio Rocks
1:50 pm   Lary Over
2:10 pm   Natti Natasha
2:50 pm   Angeles
3:30 pm   Mau y Ricky
4:10 pm   Chacal
5:45 pm   El Micha
6:20 pm   Chyno

Calle Ocho & 13th Ct.

80’S EARLY 90’S Stage @ Calle Ocho

12:15PM Los Sucios

1:00PM  Company B

1:30PM. Umami 

2:00PM Ivelisse Santos 

2:15PM Freddy Lopez

2:30PM Arlene of Leather & Lace

2:45PM Tony Marino

3:15PM Ray Guell

4:00PM Tony De Leon

4:30PM Nas-T-Boyz

4:45PM Madeline Redd 

5:00PM & More

5:15PM D-Notes

5:30PM Alexis Salgado 

5:45PM Cynthia 

6:00PM Johnny O


Calle Ocho & 13th Ave.

Claro Stage @ Calle Ocho

Centro America USA presenta a Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama y El Salvador con la actuación en vivo.
11:00pm Folklor Danza
12:00pm Necflig
12:20pm D Cano
12:35pm D Fanel
12:50pm El Guerrero
1:05pm Iconin
1:20pm Ivelisse Santos
1:35pm Los Hermanos Ayala
1:50pm Ronny J
2:05pm Ricko
2:20pm El Kapo
2:35pm Tibu Play
2:50pm Dame Jersey
3:05pm Alex Phat
3:20pm Lady M
3:35pm Calle Lo Pidio
3:45pm Triangulo Urbano
3:55pm Costello
4:10pm Lady Vixxen
4:20pm Wibal & Alex
4:30pm Cevil
4:45pm El Chico Bom Bom
5:00pm El Yonki
5:20pm Aaron Bodden 5
5:40pm Melymel

Calle Ocho & 14th Ave.

Croquetazo 2018 - Presented by Catalina
1:00pm Amateur Contest
3:00pm Celebrity Contest
5:00pm Professional Contest with Major League Eating

The Croqueta Eating Contest sanctioned by Major League Eating, is set to find out how many croquetas can a human consume in eight minutes. At the inaugural 2017 Championship event, Carmen Cincotti ate 158 Catalina croquetas to set the first-ever world record in the croqueta discipline. His victory set in motion a dominant 2017 season for the man who would rise to become the world’s #2-ranked eater. Cincotti’s record will be on the line at the 2018 El Croquetazo Championship. This year’s complete list of competitors at the professional level includes:

  • Carmen Cincotti, the world’s #2-ranked eater
  • Michelle Lesco, the world’s #9-ranked eater
  • Eric Badlands Booker, the world’s #18-ranked eater
  • Alex “The Moose” Perez, the world’s #50-ranked eater

Calle Ocho & 16th Ave.

Jack Daniel's Stage @ Calle Ocho

12:30pm Stella Fusion

2:00pm   Senses

3:45pm   Picadillo

5:15pm   Palo!

Calle Ocho & 16th Ave.

Cuban Sandwich Smackdown by Carnaval Miami

Calle Ocho is the official host of the “Cuban Sandwich Smackdown” competition.
Chefs from every corner of the world, including rival towns Miami and Tampa, are expected in a full day of music, food and family-friendly fun. Optional VIP ticketed area to taste the contest entries, schmooze with judges and take pictures.

Calle Ocho & 17th Ave.

Ritmo 95.7 Stage at Calle Ocho

12:00PM   HAR-V


1:00PM   J-MALY 

1:30PM  LU-K



3:00PM  ALLSTAR 305





Calle Ocho & 19th Ave.

12:30-1:30 Los Patrones De La Salsa 
2:00-3:15  Son Locos
3:45-5:00  Leslie Cartaya
5:15-6:30 Trio Pepe Montes


Calle Ocho & 22nd Ave.

Sprint Stage @ Calle Ocho
12:00 – 12:45pm Group Alma
1:30 – 2:30pm Lucy Grau
3:00 – 4:00pm Clouds
4:30 – 5:00pm Willy Chirino
5:30-7pm Carlos Oliva, King of Carnaval Miami


Calle Ocho & 23rd Ave.

Telemundo Stage - Carnaval Calle Ocho

12:00 pm D’Mentes
12:20 pm Jason Cerda
12:45 pm 20/20
1:05  pm  Kola Loka
1:25 pm   Madai
1:45 pm   Lirow
2:30 pm   Melina Almodóvar & Tito Puente Jr.
3:00 pm   Mirella Cesa
3:20 pm   Periko y Jessi León
4:00 pm   Daniel Santacruz
4:25 pm   Dos Four
4:50 pm   Cali Alemán
5:10 pm   Aymee Nuviola
5:35 pm   Carlos Manuel
6:00 pm   Oro Sólido

Calle Ocho & 24th Ave.

12:00 pm  DJ Brian 2:20 pm MJQ
12:10 pm Arlene G 2:50 pm Scarlett 
12:35 pm  Tony Flow 4:10 pm Finex Sol
12:55 pm  El Pelado 4:20 pm Freddy Lopez
1:15 pm  Conjunto Tropicana 4:30 pm Alexus Analyz
1:50 pm  Candela 5:00 pm Tito Puente Jr
2:00 pm  El Artista    


Calle Ocho & 27th Ave.

Univision Stage @ Calle Ocho
Mix98.3 Stage @ Calle Ocho

12:00 pm Azento
1:00 pm   Aleksia
1:20 pm   Alenoise
1:40 pm   Bianca
2:00 pm   Relikia
2:20 pm   Scarlett Santana
2:40 pm   Samir el verdaero
3:00 pm   Carlos Oliva
3:10 pm   Aaron Boden
3:30 pm   Mainstreet
3:55 pm   MJQ
4:15 pm   D-Notes
4:40 pm   Elizabeth Yepez
4:45 pm   Lary Over
5:05 pm   Johnny palacios
5:25 pm   Johann Vera
5:45 pm   Marko Music
6:05 pm   Willy Chirino

Calle Ocho Gallery



Calle Ocho Stage Map by Carnaval Miami

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