El Croquetazo


El Croquetazo at Calle Ocho Presented By Catalina

Callejeros! We’re celebrating our 40th Calle Ocho Festival with a Major League Eating Championship!

El Croquetazo at Calle Ocho Presented By Catalina, the World Championship Croqueta Eating Contest, is the world’s first of its kind. The contest will take place at the Calle Ocho Festival starting at 1pm. There will be three competitions taking place:

  • Amateur: 1-2pm
  • Celebrity: 3-4pm
  • Professional: 5-6pm

Join the Amateur Competition for a chance to win cash prizes!

First Place: $300
Second Place: $150
Third Place: $50
We have only 12 spots available, so sign up now!

Catalina croquetas are the finest in the world and a classic example of this Cuban delicacy, often enjoyed as a snack, often two or three at a time, often with rich and sweet coffee. Major League Eaters will likely forgo the coffee and will definitely eat more than two or three. Probably hundreds. Who can say how many?

We will find out in the afternoon light once the clock reads 0:00 at this inaugural, record-setting event. The man or woman who sets the world’s first croqueta-eating record at El Croquetazo at Calle Ocho Presented By Catalina will forever be remembered. Will it be you?

Do you have what it takes to stare down plate upon plate of delicious Catalina croquetas through eight minutes of sanctioned competition? Do you want to visit the magnificence of Carnaval Miami in the Magic City’s Little Havana? Do you want to win money? Does glory call your name? Or do you simply want to see the world’s best eaters do what they do so well? This is El Croquetazo at Calle Ocho Presented By Catalina! At the table or in the crowd—don’t you ever miss it!


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